Functional classification showed that the most numerous protein c

Functional classification showed that the most numerous protein categories represented in the root were those of stress

response, glycolysis, redox homeostasis and protein processing. Using DIGE, we identified 73 differentially accumulated proteins between root apex and differentiated root. Proteins overrepresented in the root apex belonged primarily to the pathways for protein synthesis and processing, cell redox homeostasis and flavonoid biosynthesis. Proteins underrepresented in the root apex were those of glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid metabolism and stress response. Our results highlight the importance of stress and defense response, redox control and flavonoid metabolism in the root apex.”
“The aim of this study is to demonstrate that in molecular dynamical systems with the underlying bi- or multistability, the type of noise determines the most strongly attracting steady state or stochastic attractor. As an example we consider a simple stochastic model of autoregulatory gene with a nonlinear positive feedback, which in the deterministic approximation has two stable steady state solutions. Three types of noise

are considered: transcriptional and translational – due to the small number of gene product molecules and the gene switching noise – due to gene activation and inactivation transitions. selleck chemicals llc We demonstrate that the type of noise in addition to the noise magnitude dictates the allocation of probability mass between the two stable steady states. In particular, we found that when the gene switching noise dominates over the transcriptional and translational noise (which is characteristic of eukaryotes), the gene preferentially activates, while in the opposite case, when the transcriptional noise dominates (which is characteristic of prokaryotes) the gene preferentially remains inactive.

Moreover, even in the zero-noise limit, when the probability mass generically Urease concentrates in the vicinity of one of two steady states, the choice of the most strongly attracting steady state is noise type-dependent. Although the epigenetic attractors are defined with the aid of the deterministic approximation of the stochastic regulatory process, their relative attractivity is controlled by the type of noise, in addition to noise magnitude. Since noise characteristics vary during the cell cycle and development, such mode of regulation can be potentially employed by cells to switch between alternative epigenetic attractors. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Mitochondria undertake the process of oxidative phosphorylation yielding ATP for plant cell maintenance and growth. The principles of isolation and fractionation of plant mitochondrial proteins have been improved over decades, and surveys of the mitochondrial proteome in a number of plants species have been performed.

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