mucronella complex is included Our large LSU analysis has 100 %

mucronella complex is included. Our large LSU analysis has 100 % MLBS

TSA HDAC concentration support selleck compound for a monophyletic clade comprising the H. coccinea species complex, our LSU analysis of tribe Hygrocybeae has modest support (50 % ML BS) for a clade comprising H. coccinea, H. punicea and H. purpureofolia, and our ITS analysis has only weak support for the subsect. Coccineae clade. Support for including H. ceracea and H. constrictospora in Coccineae is low in the Supermatrix analysis (44 % MLBS), absent in our LSU analysis of tribe Hygrocybeae (Online Resource 7) and absent in ITS analyses (ours and Dentinger et al., unpublished data). Dentinger et al. (unpublished data) shows moderate support (61 % MLBS) for a clade comprising H. coccinea, H. punicea and H. splendidissima. Species included Type: Hygrocybe coccinea. Hygrocybe punicea and H. purpureofolia are included in subsect. Coccineae based on molecular and morphological data. H. aurantiosplendens is similar to species in sect. Coccineae, and an ITS analysis by Dentinger et al. (unpublished data) places this species near H. coccinea, so we include it in subsect. Coccineae. There is some molecular Salubrinal datasheet support for including H. splendidissima, but we exclude it based on the dry

pileus surface, narrowly attached lamellae and broader spores, which are all deviating characters. Hygrocybe ceracea, H. constrictospora, H. insipida, H. miniata, H. mucronella, H. salicis-herbaceae and H. subminutula are tentatively excluded, though the morphology of H. salicis-herbaceae matches the diagnosis of H. subsect. Coccineae. Comments In 1943 Singer erected Hygrocybe subsect. “Inopodes”, nom. invalid, then reduced the rank to subsect. in 1951 (1949) and designated H. punicea as the type species. The name is invalid because neither it nor its basionym had a Latin description (Art. 36.1). Thus subsect. Coccineae (Bataille) Singer (1951) is the only validly published subsection name for this group in Hygrocybe. The type of H. subsect. Puniceae (Fayod) Arnolds ex Candusso (1997) falls into this subsection, making

it superfluous, thus a nom. illegitimate. Boertmann (1995, 2010) included H. aurantiosplendens, H. ceracea, H. insipida, isometheptene H. punicea and H. salicis-herbacea in subsect. Coccineae. Only H. ceracea, H. coccinea and H. punicea are included in our Supermatrix analysis, which provides only weak support for them as comprising the same clade with H. constrictospora, H. purpureofolia, H. subminutula and H. mucronella. All of these species, however, share the diagnostic characters of subsect. Coccineae. Arnolds (1986a), however, placed H. constrictospora in subsect. Squamulosae instead of subsect. Coccineae based on pileipellis structure. Our Supermatrix and ITS analyses (< 50 % ML BS support), and the ITS analysis by Dentinger et al. (7 % MLBS) place H. mucronella near H. ceracea and H. insipida (plus H. quieta and H. salicis-herbacea in Dentinger et al., unpublished).

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